Romeo and juliet hasty decisions essay

This line leads many readers to believe that Romeo and Juliet are inescapably destined to fall in love and equally destined to have that love destroyed.

Romeo and juliet hasty decisions essay

Shakespeare took the basic story line and transformed it into a play. The affair of the two lovers lasted a period of several months in the original prose whereas Shakespeare dramatised the play into a period of five days.

The time of events in the play is very precisely accounted for. The only discrepancy is in the matter of the sleeping potion. Friar Laurence tells Juliet that she will awake forty-two hours after she takes it and on Wednesday morning he sees her asleep from the potion, but on Wednesday night, about twenty-four hours after she has taken the potion, he expects her to awake soon, and she does.

It tells us twice that Romeo and Juliet will fall in love, die, and so bring about the end of the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues.

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The play begins on a Sunday. It opens with two servants of the Capulet household, Sampson and Gregory talking of the feud between the Capulets and the Montagues. When Abram and another Servingman Montagues enter, the two houses begin to jest with one and other. Suddenly, when Benvolio and Tybalt enter, the street in Verona becomes host to a violent brawl.

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You know not what you do. This continues the theme of haste through the first act as from a simple argument a brawl suddenly develops.

During their conversation a servant rushes in with an urgent message: Lady Capulet responds to the servant and tells her daughter that Paris is waiting for her.


The Nurse and Lady Capulet both expect Juliet to make the most important decision of her life in the next few minutes. This emphasises the haste of the play. At the entrance of the party Romeo suddenly becomes reluctant to enter, and his friends urge him to hurry.

Romeo and juliet hasty decisions essay

In other words, Romeo feels he is rushing into danger. Nevertheless he enters the party. During the ball Romeo and Juliet meet but are soon separated by the Nurse, who was sent to fetch Juliet by Lady Capulet.

This is extremely hasty as at this stage they have only known each other for a matter of hours and earlier on in the day Romeo had been lovesick for Rosaline, also a Capulet. He tells the Friar that he is in love with Juliet and that he wants to marry her.

What a change is here! This is a hint that the story, which is hasty, will end in tragedy. The Nurse goes to meet Romeo to find out the arranged time of the marriage. Romeo kills Tybalt an hour after his marriage to Juliet and is immediately banished by the Prince.

The Friar tells Romeo to go to Juliet. He says a hasty farewell to the Friar and hurries away.

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At first Capulet says that Juliet is mourning the death of Tybalt and that it is late, but Capulet is a hasty man and suddenly decides that the marriage should go ahead. As soon as he has decided that Juliet will marry Paris he starts making the arrangements.

Lady Capulet does not go to Juliet immediately but waits until early the next morning. Romeo jumps out of the window to flee to Mantua, unaware of the fact that this was to be his last time of seeing Juliet alive. Lady Capulet then tells Juliet of her marriage to County Paris.

Meanwhile Paris tells Friar Laurence that he wants him to perform the wedding ceremony between himself and Juliet.

Romeo and juliet hasty decisions essay

Knowing Juliet is already married, the Friar tries to raise objections.Apr 14,  · hey, i have to write an essay about hasty decisions in Romeo and Juliet. Im usually pretty good at writing essays, but the problem im having is the Resolved.

Romeo & Juliet: Essay At times in life, due to certain circumstances we are forced to make quick decisions, some of which can result in serious consequences, Hasty Decisions in Romeo and Juliet. The tragic tale of Romeo and Juliet hosts a plethora of hastily made decisions.

Essays; Essay Romeo and Juliet; perfunctory and hasty. Part of maturing as a human being comes from understanding a predicament, deducing a solution and carefully reasoning whether there will be any consequences and if they would be worth it.

If he had been caught, he would have been killed. This shows Romeo’s poor decision making.

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Romeo made a foolish decision to turn to the idea of killing himself when he could have chosen to try and return to Verona, to make sure Juliet was dead. Then when Romeo sees Juliet in the tomb and 3/5(2). In the events of Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, the characters make decisions in such hurriedness, hastiness, and impetuous ways.

Romeo, Juliet, and many of the supporting characters acted hurried, hasty, and impetuous. Romeo And Juliet Essay Examples. 1, total results. The World of True Love in William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" words.

The Key Role of Friar Lawrence in Romeo and Juliet, a Play by William Shakespeare. words. 1 page. The Description of the Tragic Hero in .

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