How to write an alt j song reddit soccer

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How to write an alt j song reddit soccer

Programming's Dirtiest Little Secret — Mr. Pink This is another one I've wanted to write forever. Man, I've tried a bunch of times. Once again I'm stuck feeling so strongly about something that I'm tripping over myself trying to get my point across.

Only one thing left to try: Rather than top-down, which is boring, let's go bottoms-up. Once upon a time A looooong time ago. This is practically a fairy tale. Once upon a time in '82, there was this completely hypothetical fictitious made-up dorky year-old kid named Yeev Staigey, who was enduring his sophomore year at Paradise High School in Paradise, California.

Yeev had skipped 3rd, 7th and 8th grades and entered high school at age 11, in a heroic and largely successful effort to become socially inept for the rest of his life. Boy, I could tell you all sorts of stories about little Yeev at that age. He was even lamer and more pathetic than you're probably already imagining.

However, our story today concerns Yeev's need to take a, um, an I'm not sure what they called it, but at Yeev's school, you couldn't just take math and science and languages and history and all that boring stuff. At the time our story begins, our pathetic hero Yeev is peering through his giant scratched bifocal goggles at the electives list, trying to find one that doesn't involve grease and sparks and teachers screaming for a medic, can anyone here make a tourniquet, help help help oh god my pension, and all that manly American stuff you find in Shop class.

Yeev noticed that one of the electives, surely placed there by mistake, was Typing.

how to write an alt j song reddit soccer

Like, on a typewriter. Yeev thought this seemed, in the grand scheme of things, relatively harmless.


The worst that could happen was maybe getting your fingers jammed in an electric typewriter just as lightning hit the building, causing you to jerk wildly in such a way that your pants accidentally fall down around your ankles and everyone laughs loudly at the Mervyn's white briefs your mom bought you.

That would be mildly embarrassing, yes, but in a few years almost nobody would remember, except when they saw you. Despite this potential pitfall, Typing definitely sounded more appealing than Tourniquet Shop.

Yeev checked, and sure enough, the school's football coach was actually teaching the class. Seeing as this was going to be the closest Yeev would ever get to a football field during his educational career, Yeev decided to go for it.


Yeev didn't know it at the time, but they say coaches make the best teachers. It's got some truth to it, actually. Coaches have to get a bunch of complicated information through to people with the attention spans of hungry billy goats. That takes mad skilz, as "they" also say. Have you ever noticed how on NFL Prime Time, the ex-coach commentators and coached ex-player commentators always have big, beefy hands, and they wave them at you as they talk, riveting your attention on the speaker?

It's because your reptilian brain is thinking "that dude is about to hit me. They know how to teach.Specifically, the 10, people filling Alexandra Palace, many of whom may already have bought tickets for Alt-J’s next London date: 24 January .

Obituaries for the last 7 days on Your Life Moments. by Steven Cole Smith - Katarina Moller liked chicken fingers, french fries, Batman, drag racer John Force and cats -- actually, she loved cats -- but the thing she loved the most was going fast.

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